Human Pattern

The thing with being so focussed on Advertising is, you're so focussed on Advertising. But to be really good at it, you need to keep at least one eye on the world outside of it. 

Our students come from many backgrounds, design, art, media etc. Every now and again they want to do something to keep their hand in with their craft. 

That's why Carys Thomas and Olamide Soyemi wanted to take a a little of their precious spare time and, you know... put on an exhibition. 

'Human pattern' had it's private view on Tuesday October 7th at the Gallery at St. Martins in Lincoln. The whole place was packed and there is no doubt that it was an enormous success, not just because of the quality of the work, but the quality of the intention - to not just paint but to exhibit. 

Of course the thing with putting yourself out there is that you never know who is going to see your work and as if Carys was not busy enough she had a visitor to the exhibition who has asked for her input on a very special project. Here's Carys to tell us more:

"I've recently been given a really exciting opportunity to work with a local craftsman to design a range of stencils for the annual Christmas market in Lincoln. It'll be a really interesting chance to see how my designs translate onto different mediums but also to get a chance to design for commercial purposes and see where it goes from there!"

How cool is that? 

Well done Carys and Ola, you thought big, took action and alongside everything else you have to do, you put on your first art exhibition. 

Check out the work below.