Monday, 25 April 2016

Digital marker visuals are all very well but I miss the smell of an N60 marker.

Ever wondered how to create an effective marker visual? You might be great at concepts but not so good at drawing, there's no need to worry because help is at hand, ex-Lincoln creative Advertising students Greg harvey and Jack Patarou have started Scamp School. Scamp school is a YouTube channel that guides you through the processes of creating concept visuals, both digitally and with marker pens.

Greg and Jack's tutorials make the whole process very clear and they are full of very useful hints and tips to render your concept in a professional looking manner.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Some might say the Greatest Debate yet, some might not.

Every year we run this fantastic event called the Great Debate, recognised in industry as ''one of the best dynamic training tools they've heard about' and that's a direct quote.

The debate gets heated, meanwhile, Liv knits a tiny jumper.

Annie (the tallest girl in the world) waits in anticipation.

The First and second years are put into pairs in their respective year groups. They have a week to research five questions, each of which have a Yes or No response...or Skips or Quavers.

Sometimes a panoramic can distort an image,  but that's actually what Phill looks like, we shouldn't laugh.

It is judged by the third years and the students competing will not find out which question is in which round until just before the round begins.

Justin's impromptu Maths lesson
They only find out which side of the debate they must fight for seconds before the round begins.

Emma holds her chin, the international sign language for 'I don't believe you'.

It's all about understanding not only your argument but also the perspective of your opponent. As well as this, being audience aware is vital - the third years do not suffer fools gladly.

After the rap battle, the final round begins on our wonderful terrace.
Justin (Level One Co-Ordinator) was too devastated to write this post this year, an all Level 2 final was too much for him, the second years finally putting an end to his impressive winning streak. Nathan and Bean (Jake) battled Rory (last year's GD winner) and Gus in the final. It was a closely fought match and with only one vote in it, Nathan and Bean were finally crowned champions of this years Great Debate.

A huge thank you to the third years taking time out of their busy schedule to help support this years debate and to all students who took part this year.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ikea Klikk, the app that only gives you one chance to get your photograph right.

Ex-Lincoln Creative Advertising students James Boomsma and Bjorn Conradi have been busy creating an app for Ikea that only allows the user to take just one picture. The point of the app is to bring thought back into the composition, timing and lighting of a camera shot, rather than just rattling off a lot of shots, selecting the best and then editing it afterwards.

The team helped create the work at DDB Brussels in order to promote Ikea's 2016 art collection of work by famous photographers. The app called Klikk (Dutch for Click) is a very clever idea that really gets to the heart of taking a good picture, the article by adweek explains more about the concept and it's execution. Say cheese.

‘Our final day in the Big Smoke arrived. Only one more day of flat whites, edgy Instagram posts and of course visiting agencies (that’s what we’re there for, right?).

The morning was a pick and mix of London for most. Some taking the time for book crits, others for a sight see. Until we all convened at BBH in the early afternoon. The agency that zags, when the rest zig. We’d walked in on a talk as part of their craft week, a week which aimed to promote craft within the industry. There, we met a fantastic ex-Lincoln team, Claire and Maria. These super smart guys spent their entire afternoon teaching us the tricks of the trade, and filling us full of caramel bites. A presentation in how to present yourself in book crits, how to pitch your work, and how to note feedback was incredibly helpful – I’m sure to say the entire group learned a huge amount. 

We eagerly pinned our work onto the glossy walls, we’d been working on a brief to ‘Change peoples lives through colour’. Some interesting executions were pitched.  Our work was subject to an honest crit, letting us know of our presentation, the standard of our work, and also ourselves, the key is to let your personality show throughout – yes Anisha. 

Toby was concerned by the amount of water on the table, Phill and Carys ‘unintentionally’ matched with their outfits (#teamgear) and some of us spent more time in the nibbles than others – who wouldn’t eh’.

Following a great afternoon, the agency’s music night kicked off in the evening, with some of us even popping out for a few chips from the endless KFC buffet – a lot of buckets that’s for sure.

And with a late train home, our London week was finally brought to a close. It’s fair to say we learnt an unbelievable amount from the industry. We met a bunch of incredibly talented people, and decided that we’d probably not need to drink for a week afterwards. Seriously, thanks to all the agencies that hosted us, fed us, and imparted their wisdom to some excitable creatives.

It’s simply made us even more ambitious.’

Friday, 15 April 2016

Two UFO's tried to get into the picture (they love being in group photos).

So our last agency stop was visiting FCB inferno. We were introduced to Tim Palmer a creative director at the agency who also happens to have studied with our very own Mike Belton. We were then set a live brief for Barnardo's by Tim and his lovely strategist, and were given until the end of the day to smash it. The fact it was a live brief added a little pressure to impress.

We then returned later with what we all hoped were golden ideas and took it in turns to present them to Tim and the creative team behind the Barnardo's campaign. They all gave great feedback on every idea and took time to suggest ways to make the idea even stronger. They were genuinely excited about a lot of the work we showed. After stealing some colourful note pads we all left FCB Inferno on a high (metaphorically) and raring to go back with the hope of a placement. See you soon FCB Inferno. - Mirella
 Jo does Rabbit shadow puppets in order to impress the staff at GREY

After the nice change of a late start, either filled with fancy breakfasts or yet more book crits, we all met up at Hatton Garden to visit the Grey offices. Unfortunately a large number of Group A were banned from the area (something about a heist?) but we went ahead regardless, and met in the reception where we hurriedly practiced our pitches for the Bose brief. 

The day started with a quick tour from past Lincoln team Rob and Sam who helped give us a feel for the agency, best summed up by the line ‘famously effective’. Seeing as Grey have created some amazing work in the past we were spoilt for choice with the people who came to speak to us and got to meet both Rasmus Smith Bech part of the team that created Volvo Life Paint and also Simon Brotherson one of the ECD’S.

As if the array of Mcvities goodies on the table wasn’t enough, Simon brought with him two huge boxes of his own past D&AD annuals with him and handed them all out for us to keep. We were told to study them cover to cover, and make sure that within our work we spend time and effort on craft. Following his whirlwind talk, Simon left just about as quickly as he arrived and was followed by Lex and Jamie the team in charge of placements before we had a crit of our Bose work for sound cancelling headphones. Two lucky pieces of work won, and were awarded the chance of a book crit with Lex and Jamie to help get their book London ready. At the end of the day yet more beers were handed out and we took to the streets to find free wifi to prepare for BBH tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Even after the crit they were still optimistic. 

Thursday, the Lincoln Mafia rolled up to Wieden + Kennedy at the chilled out time of 12pm. Greeted by Artur (of Philippa & Artur) we traded stories about his time at Lincoln. Artur kindly introduced us to W+K’s most recent creative team, Billy & George, two New Zealanders who shared an impressive story of working around the world, completing three month placements at some outstanding agencies, before being joined by Ben & Sophie, two charismatic Creative Directors.

Prior to London week we were set a brief and the teams took turns presenting their work, like something from The Apprentice (only we couldn't get fired). Ben & Sophie quickly saw the potential in everyone’s ideas, leaving us all guessing as to who would come out on top.

Whilst they stepped outside of the room to decide we helped ourselves to free popcorn, drinks and W+K pencils.They re entered and with no drum roll, announced we had swayed them! High-5’s all round. However our surprised reactions lead to a mumbled ‘oh wow thanks’ before eyeing up our Wieden’s goodie bag. We received a Wieden + Kennedy Moleskin notebook, “Move Me Dude” t-shirt (a quote from Dan Wieden) each and a bottle of Chambord, which now sits proudly on our desk at uni.

Wieden + Kennedy is a phenomenal agency, who appear to have a fun and passionate work ethic, which is shines through as they regularly create award winning pieces. Each of us thoroughly enjoyed the agency and meeting those who work there. I’m sure most of us shall be hassling them for book crits within the next few days. (I know we will be). Shaun and Izzi.

The 9am briefing allowed us to experience rush hour traffic which consisted of squashing ourselves like sardines into a tube carriage and squeezing out the door in the hope of the right stop. Luckily, we were greeted at Leo Burnett by free Bacon rolls and of course, ex-Lincoln students Laura and Elliott. We worked all day in the agency on the brief we were set, making use of the cheap coffee bar downstairs so stir up ideas on ‘how to get children outside more’.

After working all day, we slumped back into the boardroom - very tired and very hungry - and waited to be critted by Elliott. Agency work took over so he was running late, so instead, we were given an in-depth presentation of the ins and outs of placement life. From tubes to Creative Directors - you name it, Elliott covered it. Overall, the day was an insightful look into agency life and the information at the end was nothing less than brilliant - and will hopefully one day soon, be very useful.
Mirella and Ellen were the only ones to look at the right camera.

We arrived on day two in high spirits outside the doors of infinitely cool Adam and EveDDB and shamelessly took selfies with the entrance sign (how could we not?). In reception we were met by creative team Will and Lily where all got a tad too excited about fancy water dispensers and seeing all the work being made on our tour round the offices.
After settling into a sun filled meeting room we watched the agency show reel and tried to give the impression we weren’t all morphing into screaming fan-girls. Will and Lily told us about the agency’s lifestyle and answered all our questions. Then commenced the world’s first Book-Crit Race - who could blast through the most in an hour - Lily won. We left feeling like we’d had a two hour soak in Adam and Eve DDB mud baths - ready to take on the advertising world by storm!

Monday, 11 April 2016

The guy on the far left must be quite unpopular because he's been cropped out of the picture.

Day one of London week is kicked off with James and Jeremy at JWT. After a quick tour of the agency it's crit time for the Milkybar brief we'd been set the week before. Overall, pretty good feedback (we must be getting alright at this advertising malarky) but still with plenty to improve on. A detailed Q&A and quick introduction to the team in charge of placements is followed by our first set of book crits of the week. A brief, yet useful session to start off the week, getting us ready for day 2 at Adam&eveDDB.

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