Monday, 25 November 2013

Laura and Elliott playing to packed house.

There are many ways to get a job as a creative in an advertising agency and getting the inside knowledge on the best hints and tricks is something that all Creative Advertising students want to find out about. That's why the Creative Advertising Society organise a series of events which invite down ex-Lincoln CA students to share their experiences of getting into the industry.

Laura explains a point whilst Elliott takes a breather.

The society recently invited Laura Clark and Elliott Starr to talk about life at Leo Burnett and their experiences on work placements. Laura and Elliott shared lots of useful advice with the students which will hopefully make their quest to find a job that little bit easier.

Claire and Maria share their experiences about BBH

Last week saw Claire Stokes and Maria Sousa Machado pop in to talk about their time at BBH. Claire and Maria have been at the agency for nearly a year now and they explained some useful information about the BBH Barn and the opportunities for placements there. Being 'clued up' can be a significant way to fast track your progress into the Advertising industry which is why we value the experiences of our old boys and girls so much.

Monday, 18 November 2013

 The 'find a creative partner' merry go round.

Working as an advertising creative means collaborating with a partner in order to come up with ideas. Partners make coming up with ideas quicker and more creative and the right partner will get more out of you than an inappropriate one.

Finding that elusive 'other half' can be a hit and miss affair which is why we run a creative speed dating session to help with this process. The second year students get to speak to all of the other students in a one-to-one conversation in order to find out about each others skills and ambitions.

Questions, questions, questions.

The students may not come out of the speed dating session knowing who is 'the one' for them but they will start to become clearer about what qualities are important to them.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

There's only one colour winners are interested in.

The Level 2 Lincoln Creative Advertising students will be working on the YCN competition soon and will no doubt be dreaming of victory. We're very proud of our students success in this competition and have always featured strongly which is very satisfying considering the high standard of the entries.

A little light reading before dinner.

Craig and Christina are 'The A Team'.

In the 2012/13 competition we had six winners in three categories, Gaby Kirwin and Alfie Daniell-Waldron for British Eurosport, Harriet Wiltshire and Marie Foster for Nissan and Christina Worman and Craig Ellinor for Plan UK. The awards ceremony was held in September and was a great night to remember for the students involved who all came away with certificates and hangovers. Christina explains how it all went.

"The YCN awards was such a nice way to mark the end of year two. With a few groups representing the University of Lincoln, the night was extra special as we could all celebrate together. YCN was a great opportunity as it is such a prestigious award to be considered for, so being named winners was very exciting as we knew the standard of work being entered was extremely high. Overall the evening was really fun with exceptional food and entertainment. If all award evenings are like this I definitely want to pursue a career in advertising!"

Marie and Harriet are straight A students.

Lincoln Creative Advertising has been very successful over the years and we do not take competition wins for granted. We know exactly how much hard work and effort that goes into them but we're confident that we will be trying our best to keep filling the trophy cabinet, so no pressure on the second years then. 

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