UNITE success for Rob and Sam

Twice a year the Young Creative Council (YCC) run their ‘Unite’ events giving students and aspiring creatives the opportunity to display their work and mingle with top London creatives. This year they asked students to do something a little different; here are third year team Rob Greaves and Sam Daly to tell us all about it and their charismatic success:-

“The application process involved us sending three pieces of work to be judged and over 90 applications were narrowed down to just 20 including Rob and myself and another Lincoln team Sam and Maria. As a new challenge the YCC asked all successful applicants to prepare a 2 minute presentation/performance to be delivered on stage at the start of the night before the book crits began.

“Me and Rob decided to do something different and attention grabbing so that we would without doubt be remembered by everyone there. We settled on the idea of auctioning off the chance for someone to choose a tattoo that me and Rob would both get (risky I know). The auction was a huge success and Rob Butcher, a senior creative at London agency Brave, won the auction with a bid of £70.

“We are yet to find out what he has chosen but were pleased when he offered us a placement as part of the deal. We were awarded ‘Best team’ on the night based on our originality and we were presented with prizes including a Harry Potter poster and candy necklace. Overall the event was hugely useful helping us to meet a lot of new contacts and was a great experience as we prepare to move to London permanently.”

Well done guys, for those of you with eager eyes you'll have noticed just how many current and former Lincoln Creative Advertising students were at the event. It is always so wonderful to see just how well our students integrate themselves with the industry and how their confidence continues to bring them success.