'How to be a great Art Director' masterclass

Even though advertising creative teams are traditionally made up of a copywriter and an art director, it is crucial that the individuals in the team are obsessed about their own particular 'craft' ie. the copywriter needs to be a talented and dedicated writer, and the art director a designer/visual communicator.

So last week the Art Directors had to leave their dearest copywriting partners and focus 100% on the craft of art direction in a one day masterclass run by multiple award-winning art director Alex Taylor. As you will have read in an earlier post, Alex's long and distinguished career makes her the perfect person to coach our students on how to get good ads to look great and surpass visual expectations.

Here's what level 3 student Adrian Matthews thought about the day:

"We started the day looking at some important figures in the industry and their personal interpretations of 'art direction' as well as where great art direction inspiration comes from. Alex said that it was important that we were to be ourselves and let our own personality come out in our work, after all “art direction that has been done before won't get noticed”.

"Alex spent some time looking at our best ads, getting us to focus on the art direction aspects of the communication. She also gave us a talk on what she has learned as a art director through her incredible career. It was fantastic for us as new art directors to hear what she has learned and benefit from her considerable experience.

"Before Alex arrived in Lincoln she set us the task of re-art directing a campaign of three ads and during the group critique of this work Alex continually pushed us to look for something fresh and different in our art direction. Alex provided us with some great insights into the process of crafting a great idea into a fantastic-looking final ad."

The workshop was a day full of inspiration, instruction and constructive criticism. And at the end of it all, Alex gave her own, unique 'Tomato' awards for the best art direction of the day. On Day One: 1st Josh Dando; 2nd Vicki Daley; and 3rd Ade Matthews. And on Day Two: 1st Nat Lennartsson; 2nd Nadine Palmer; and 3rd Jan Pruijser.

A truly inspiring practical masterclass on how to become a great art director given by one of the greatest art directors around.

Next week, it's the copywriters' turn to get obsessed about their discipline...