Sophie & Jade Asda Christmas ad.

Jade & Sophie's Asda commercial.

Tis the season of Christmas adverts and the latest big supermarket to release a yuletide message is Asda. The new ads feature the story of Asda Christmas smiles and were created by ex-Lincoln Creative Advertising students Jade Sturman and Sophie Townsend. The girls made the commercial at the advertising agency VCCP who hold the Asda account. Here's what the girls say about the making of the ad.

'We’ve been working on and developing this campaign since the start of June, living and breathing Christmas during the entire summer, which was a little surreal to say the least. We have a great team of people at VCCP who worked hard to ensure the idea stayed as true to the original concept as possible, although inevitably changes were made along the way, we feel that everyone’s hard work has paid off and as a result have managed to come out with a campaign that everyone is proud of.

This ad sits as part of a set of ads that will play out over the Christmas period, all based on the idea of smiling. The idea, though simple, is something everyone can relate to, it light-heartedly reveals the true meanings of the different smiles seen at Christmas time and helps tie the ads together as a fully formed campaign. As Asda is a brand that doesn’t takes itself too seriously, and is considered a down to earth retailer, tonally the concept of ‘celebrating smiles with Asda’ worked really well for the brand.

We’re really happy with the work so far and are still developing and producing everyday. We just hope it gives everyone that warm, fuzzy, Christmas time feeling and of course, raises a few smiles.'

Well done girls and happy Christmas to one and all.