Monday, 30 December 2013

On the lincoln Creative Advertising programme we look at everything as a potential educational opportunity, that's why we thought we'd really test out the students art direction and copywriting skills by getting them to make some Christmas crackers.

The art directors were tasked with creating the most original cracker design whilst the copywriters had to write the best cracker joke. Fun was had by all (partly fuelled by an industrial sized bag of sweets) and the students produced some very creative crackers. As we all know Christmas is all about giving, so Matt Paxton got a giant Toblerone for his Cracker design of Santa delivering D&AD pencils and Alfie Daniell-Waldron also won a Toblerone for a very funny joke which we can't print here.

Ho Ho Ho.

This course is starting to look like an episode of Blue Peter.

Ready, steady, pull.

Tis the season of goodwill to all creatives and the nice people at Fallon invited the Lincoln Creative Advertising students along to their Christmas bash in order to spread good cheer to all. The night was a great success and the students really enjoyed the opportunity to meet industry professionals in such an inspirational agency. Creative Advertising student, Johnny Fordham explains how the evening went.

'This year, former Lincoln student Diogo and his partner Alice were tasked with finding a solution to Fallon's 2013 Christmas card brief. Instead of the traditional card or email bulletin, the pair decided that they wanted to invite junior Creatives and students to join Creatives from the agency in celebrating the festivities, with free drinks and a great evening. Third years at Lincoln were asked to join them in their celebrations, with around 20 of us attending the event in London. A fun and festive evening coupled with free drinks led to some truly wonderful memories and plenty of contacts being made. Juniors and creative directors all came together, giving us the opportunity to talk about the industry and other interesting topics, with many people being very impressed with the Lincoln turnout, and the almost 300 mile round trip many of us would complete just to attend. Once the evening finished, the Lincoln Creatives left, many of them returning to the mini bus taking them back to Lincoln that night. Draped in tinsel and with some spinning heads, we boarded the bus, tired from the long day but exhilarated by the great evening.

Thank you Fallon for a great day, we hope to see you again next year.'

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Outside Leo's and their world-famous sign

Following on from Abi's report about the visit to Ogilvy, here's Emily Walker's report from the recent level 2 visit to Leo Burnett:–

“We were welcomed with open arms to Leo Burnett by Elliot Starr (copywriter and creative partner to Laura Clarke – another successful Lincoln Creative Advertising grad team).

Excitedly waiting in reception

It's a VERY stylish place

“Elliott had arranged a detailed ‘who’s who’ at the agency and we listened to some great talks by Gus – Account Manager; Lorna – Planning; JJ – Creative Director; and Elliott – Creative.

Listening to the four impressive presentations
(in an equally impressive meeting room!)

“All the talks were witty, informative and all four of the speakers seemed genuinely happy to be working for such a friendly, successful company. The talks were very insightful and inspiring and we were given lots of information into the different roles at an advertising agency. It was very clear how much everyone worked together in order to produce such fantastic work.

“They showed us examples of the great work the agency has created over the past few years. We all walked out of the meeting room with huge smiles on our faces and heads buzzing with excitement. It really was an excellent visit.

Elliott leaves the students with some inspiring words of wisdom

Apples have become a symbol for Leo Burnett ever since Leo Burnett put out a bowl of apples at reception when he opened his doors in the middle of the Great Depression. Opening in the middle of the Great Depression caused a lot of talk and people said it would not be long before Leo Burnett would be selling apples on the street. Apples continue to be a symbol of Leo Burnett’s hospitality and success throughout the years.

A huge thanks to Elliott for organising this. Another fine example of the Lincoln alumni working it's magic in the advertising industry.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Ogilvy's rather swanky offices in Canary Wharf, London

Here's level 2 Creative Advertising student Abigail Wither's report on the recent student visit to Ogilvy in London:–

“On Friday 29th November 2013 level two Creative Advertising students visited Ogilvy & Mather in Canary Wharf, London. We sat in some very cool chairs and met some very cool people.

“The visit was run by Tom and Daz who graduated from the Lincoln's Creative Advertising course five years ago. They reinforced all the advice that Justin, Mike and Gyles keep giving us on the course: observations lead to insight; commitment is critical; always keep it simple and aim high. It felt great actually sitting in an ad agency rather than siting in the studio in Lincoln.

The second years admiring Ogily's creative decor.

“Tom and Daz carefully explained the structure of Ogilvy and talked us through the various stages of creating an advert from the initial briefing to every level the idea goes through before it's actually produced. We learned about traffic, client presentations, TV production, digital executions, being on-set, production and, naturally, finance.

“As part of the visit Tom & Daz arranged people from different areas of the agency to come and speak to us: 

–  Will Smith, Account Executive, whose role is to bridge the gap between the creatives and the client.
–  Kim Parrett, TV Producer, who works with the creatives to make their ideas into a TV ad (who also reminded us that we should never be frightened to say ‘I don’t know’ because she still says it and that’s the only way we are going to learn).

Kim gives the students some great advice.

“We also got to meet Mark Doyle, Project Director at The Blue Hive, responsible for all of Ford's marketing, who reminded us to never be arrogant and always be willing to learn. 

“I could write for hours on everything we learnt, but overall it was a very eye opening and incredibly informative visit. Thanks to everyone involved.” 

Thanks Abbie. And a huge thanks to Tom and Daz who organised everything and made the visit so worthwhile. Cheers guys!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Claire & Maria's new Baileys commercial.

Claire & Maria are keeping up the pace at BBH and have recently completed a very nice piece of work for Baileys which is just going on air in South America. Here's how the ad came about in the girls own words.

"The aim of this brief was to encourage women in South America to consider adding Baileys to their coffee. This was a hard task because it's trying to introduce a completely new behaviour. So we went round the houses for about three months before finally arriving at an idea that we felt was simple and elegant.

As it's a simple idea, we wanted to do everything we could to make this film as artistic and beautiful as possible. We worked with up and coming directors Tell No One and some great people at BBH to make it happen. For the track, we wanted to find something minimal that would let the visuals stand out, but also something a bit different that would give such delicate imagery a bit of edge. Overall we're really pleased with how this one looks and have continued learning a lot along the way."

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