Saturday, 30 March 2013

Following on from the last post, here's a student review of the third year's recent visit to Creature.

Creature - Lucy Eldridge & Liam Nicholson
The second agency our group visited during London week was Creature - the spawn of three ex-Mother creatives: Ben Middleton, Ed Warren, and Stuart Outhwaite. 

Before the visit we were set a brief to list insights on a product that we buy and love. We then were asked to choose one of the insights - one that hadn't been used to advertise that brand before.

After a good chin wag with Lincoln Creative Advertising graduates Ruud and Brooke about their journey into Adland and how they finally secured a job at Creature, @CreatureStu (we tend to refer to people by their twitter handles...) graced us with his presence and immediately inspired us, talking about what he loves/hates to see in portfolios and how insight is key to reach out to people.

Stu told us how the best adverts tend to find a refreshing way to say something obvious. We looked at the insights everyone came up with and were advised of certain brands to stay away from as they have such an obvious benefit/adjective that the ads write themselves... e.g Buy a Porsche because they are fast-er.

Stu proceeded with a truly inspirational rant about finding the enemy of a product and using them to show why your product is so bloody good. This was expanded on with examples, i.e Lucozade's enemy is Red Bull. With the use of strange but well practiced character voices Stu clarified his point well.

Overall, his energy and enthusiasm was great to see in someone that has been in the business for years. We guarantee that everyone walked out of Creature that day thinking, "Ah yeah, that Stu! What a lad. Definitely someone I would love to answer to as my creative director". 

His love for insights and looking at things in a new exciting way sold Creature as an exciting place to work, full of helpful, friendly and approachable people; an all round relaxed environment where creativity f**king thrives like bacteria. Sorry. We're getting all excited and fidgety just thinking about it.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The third years have just returned to Lincoln following a very busy and intense week in London where, between them, they visited 8 top London ad agencies and a recruitment agency.

During the week they visited The Talent Business, AMV BBDO, DLKW Lowe, Creature, Mother, VCCP, Ogilvy, Inferno and 4Creative.

The next few blog posts are reports from the students telling how they got on and what they learned.

AMV BBDO - Lucy Everett

AMV BBDO’s mission when it first started was to simply be the best communications agency.

With this in mind, when we were all set a brief to advertise the Museum of Childhood via digital media as well as ambient, we knew the message needed to be clear and simple.

Our agency visit consisted of a morning critique of the work that we had produced for the above brief with Creative Partner Mark Fairbanks followed with a new brief to complete during the course of the day. We were split into groups, given a middleweight creative team to use for their vast knowledge and were to complete the task of convincing people our age to start their pension scheme.

The day allowed us to tackle the brief, learn more about how AMV’s creatives tackle new briefs as well as learn how the industry works.

At 5pm we had our final crit with the other teams and Mark, each team presented their numerous ideas and we discussed which ideas were the most effective, learning about how best to target the audience, how to present in an agency and what worked best.

Overall the day was a huge success as we each learned all about new aspects of the industry, AMV as an agency and how our teams work under pressure. It was a fantastic opportunity for broadening our knowledge and advertising skills.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Yesterday the third years on the Creative Advertising course at the University of Lincoln had a talk from Andy Peel of the Young Creative Council.

Andy gave some great advice on how to find placements, portfolio content, life after graduation, networking tips and some of the differences between regional and London agencies.

Not only that, he showed us some of the latest work he's completed at a range of agencies as well as showing us some of the recent activities of the wonderful YCC.

Thanks Andy - very entertaining and very much appreciated!

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