Monday, 22 April 2013

To complete the reports form the third year's recent week in London, here are a few photos from their visit to VCCP.

The group were welcomed by University of Lincoln Creative Advertising graduates Josh & Steve who had set the teams a brief to complete beforehand. Each team presented their ideas and Josh & Steve gave the feedback, followed by a big Q&A about portfolio content and some great advice about making it into the industry. It was an incredibly enjoyable and informative visit. Thanks guys!


And so, for another year, that marks the end of the report from the week visiting 10 ad agencies in London.
Aaaand, relax.....
But oh no.... it's assessment time in 5 weeks!
Back to the folios to rework, rework and rework all those briefs again....

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Next up in the student reports of the third year's recent Loncon Week: The Talent Business.

The Talent Business - Gemma Reeve

To start our week in London we visited The Talent Business. Here we spoke to Martin Murphy, a talent strategist (who has been working for The Talent Business for 3 years now) about The Talent Business's role in helping young creatives build the bridge from University to advertising agencies.

Located in Covent Gardens, the Talent Business links creatives to the industry without being a recruitment agency. They have three teams within the business: Accounts, Media and Marketing. Employees here all have agency-based experience; with Mike working for Nokia whilst he was at University.

The Talent Business holds a global event each year called CREAM. A free opportunity for young creatives to submit their work to be reviewed by at least 25 judges where it will be marked on a scale of 1-10 (10 being you're hired!). Martin helps co-ordinate CREAM and NABS junior book clubs that aim to help graduates find their creative partners.

Martin gave us all really solid advice for those who are serious about a career as a Creative. He spoke about the current market being quite refreshing in comparison to previous years, with smaller agencies hiring young talent and now the bigger agencies are following suit.

He advised us to target 5 to 10 agencies that we respected, to look at their work and really get a feel for what that agency represents, find contacts (something that The Talent Business can help with) and work on a few campaigns that they have done to show your mutual interests.

He advised not to work for free, take placements for less than a month or continue in placements for more than 4 months where there is no likely job. Most placements span from 1-3 months with £250 p/w each being the average pay.

Martin emphasised the importance of not just having an amazing portfolio; you have to be an interesting person too! Build a brand for yourself, get on Linkdin, make business cards, start blogs, and craft your website to reflect not just your work, but your personality and other things you are interested in.

Whether it be photography, drawing or design work; make yourself stand out. It is just as important to know what you want from your career as what the agencies want from you. Show aspirations - if you want to gain experience in digital work, make it clear. Realising your identity will allow agencies to give you these opportunities.

Overall some very friendly, insightful and helpful advice! A very useful and enjoyable visit. Thanks Martin!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Congratulations are due to second year Creative Advertising students, Sam Brown Abreu and Matt Paxton for winning their category in this year’s Roses Student Creativity Awards. Sam and Matt entered the Dandy category which required the students to help launch the famous comic in its new online format. The team created a campaign neatly combining classic images from the traditional comic with computer and online imagery which communicated Dandy's new direction.

The judges were particularly pleased with the boys efforts and felt that it answered the brief very well they were so pleased in fact, that they have decided to offer them both a work placement at the Leith Agency in recognition of their success.

This is a great opportunity for Sam and Matt because the Leith Agency produces such consistently effective advertising and will be a great place for them to learn their craft. So well done chaps and keep up the good work.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The London Week third year reports continue. Next up we have a student review of the visit to DLKW Lowe.

DLKW Lowe - Bert Marissen & Ben Williams

DLKW Lowe was an agency that we'd not come across before and knew little about, however we loved their moving Morrison's Christmas insight to mums, so we were quite excited and intrigued to see what the agency was like.

Upon arriving, the agency certainly gained people's attention, with a large escalator inside that welcomed us to a quirky setting that seemed half corporate and half creative. 

Waiting in the impressive reception...

Cool chairs!

A week before the visit we were asked to tackle a brief set by past Lincoln graduates, Neil and Stefan - Legoland.

The guys had recently worked on the brief so they already had good ideas on what was right. However,  the whole group seemed to tackle the brief pretty well and Neil and Stefan gave us all great feedback - the common theme always being to take the ideas further.

Neil & Stefan told us about their experiences with other agencies and DLKW Lowe. Unfortunately we were unable to look around as they were working on a big project at the time. Maybe next time.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The London Week third year reports continue. Next up we have a student review of the visit to Ogilvy.

Ogilvy - Jenny McDonald

We were greeted by past Lincoln graduates, Daz and Tom, who were amongst the first graduates of the Creative Advertising course in Lincoln. After being ushered up into the creative department, the scene was somewhat different - with its smooth finishes and angular features, it looked like a very cool, modern art gallery.

Prior to the visit we were given a live brief that Tome & Daz had just finished work on: Grants Whisky. The aim of the brief was to advertise the liquor to 29-35 year old men.

We presented our work in the boardroom with a brief explanation of each of our ideas. Daz and Tom then critiqued each idea and analysed their pros and cons. Some of the work we showed was similar to the ideas they developed whilst working on the brief. After each of us had presented our ideas we were asked us which campaigns we felt worked the best. Nick &Gemma won a bag of chocolates for their idea based around 'discussions' and Lucy & Vicky also won a bag of chocolates for their idea based around creating a 'Top Gent Day'.

The final prize however was awarded by Daz and Tom themselves to Kwan for her idea based around Grants being passed down through generations. Kwan was rewarded with a bottle of Grants for her idea! We then had a Q&A session with Daz and Tom and learned about their experiences of breaking into the industry and their time at the world renowned agency, Ogilvy.

After experiencing a tour last year at Ogilvy New York, it was very interesting to see how the London office operated. To be in the midst of such a big agency was also very insightful, especially for those of us who hope to work there (or it's equivalent) one day.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Continuing the reports of the third year's London Week, here's a student review of the recent visit to Mother.

Mother - Will Blackburn

Mother love. On 20th March, Lincoln Creative Advertisers visited Mother London to work within a top London agency. Mother welcomed us with tea, coffee and a slide show of the agency’s history, previous work and current clients. Caroline Heap, Creative Director explained to us that Mother employees abide by three rules.

> Do the best work we possibly can.

> Have fun.

> Make a living.

Do things that will make your mother proud is an agency motto. Mother prides itself on the collaborative efforts of all its sons and daughters. A tool they use to achieve this is using one giant table in the centre of the room; this throws different expertise into the mix that is the creative department at Mother. Accounts, strategists, creatives, finance and directors all sit in no particular order around this table. The dotted effect of various specialists is an attempt to bring down the walls between departments, all for the greater good of the creative process.

The process that Mother focuses on is ‘strategy before media’. Something that sets Mother apart from other agencies is the fact that they employ strategists to work closely with the creatives. Mother must be doing something right, as they remain one of the only large independent advertising agencies in London.

After the presentation strategist Bruno Frankel handed us a day brief. This brief was for a Stella Artois Christmas campaign. We were given roughly four and half-hours to come up with campaigns for a crit later on in the afternoon. This gave us a chance to explore the agency a little bit more. A creative environment of graffiti, giant plastic animals and the famous wall full of framed photographs of employees’ mums.

The crit was set up in a conference room that maintained Mothers core ideology... the giant table. They kindly supplied us with beer and­ crisps (they did their research). The crit was held by Bruno, Ben Heap and was accompanied by a pair of creatives called Ana Balarin and Hermeti Balarin. The crit was very insightful and gave us a real taste of what to expect in agencies. The creatives of Mother liked the variety of ideas put forward in the crit by us all.

The experience at Mother London was informative, insightful and a lot of fun. I feel that this agency has made the students of Lincoln's Creative Advertising course leave London with a strong aspiration of what type of agency they want to work for.

Mother knows best.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Following on from the last post, here's a student review of the third year's recent visit to 4Creative.

4Creative - Becky Chapman

On Friday morning we were given the opportunity to visit 4Creative, the in-house advertising agency for Channel 4. It was a completely different setup to the other agencies we had visited that week, they are more of a production company that does their own advertising.

Lily, Mike & Greg

We met by past Lincoln Creative Advertising graduates Greg & Mike and they had arranged for us to have an extremely useful talk from Ed Webster about the type of work they produce, from TV promo trails to direct mail books sent out to fans and we heard many stories about the Channel 4 celebrities he'd had the opportunity to work with.

A rather excited Liam

It was very helpful to see an agency that follows their work through from concept to final execution, the quicker-than-normal turnaround of work and also the wide range of projects they produce from comedy for E4 to the more serious documentary work for More4.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Following on from the last post, here's a student review of the third year's recent visit to Inferno.

Inferno - Sean Parmenter

When you walk into a building and even before you get yourself through the front door you can hear a classic 80’s number one playing, then you know that day is going to be a good one. The building used to be an old bank and had a wonderfully unique feel to it. I immediately felt at home, relaxed and ready to go.

You can judge an agency from what it's boardroom chairs are like: comfy, leather and reclining, they even had wheels! This was a good sign. Feeling accepted was key and that is exactly what Inferno did, talked to us like we have worked there for years not just students who have come for the day.

After working in numerous coffee shops for six hours we returned to Inferno at the end of the day for the crit. Everyone was in a silent yet confident mood. I wouldn’t class it as a crit - it was more of a chance to discuss and evolve an idea. In fact the only thing to worry about was getting in the way of someone trying to play pool!

Overall my experience of Inferno was fantastic. I do wish we had been able to work in the agency for the day but I understand that Inferno had lots of work on, so space was limited. The worst part of the day was having to leave the free beer that was offered because my lift arrived! Hey ho.

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