Friday, 26 October 2012

'We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths'. Walt Disney.

The most recent subject for the course's Cabinet of Curiosities is 'plastic', or more specifically, assorted plastic toys.

 And why not?

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Here's a post from BA (Hons) Creative Advertising lecturer Brian Voce:–

Over the first three weeks our new students have been busy examining the essence of visual communication in the ‘FUNdamental Sessions’. 

They have been exploring the very basics of visual language and communication, investigating and discussing how line, colour, layout (composition) and type can communicate a message or association to an audience. 

Amongst the many ways they explored this were: drawing responses to music using only line; communicating feelings and emotions with only colour and shape; and investigating typography and type styles to visually illustrate the meaning of words. 

You can see some of their typographic experiments here (the ‘post its’ denote group favourites which we discussed and debated in greater depth). Thanks here to everyone for contributing to what became lively and informative discussions! 

We had interesting work and good ideas well done everyone.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Creative team Philippa Beaumont and Artur Faria graduated from the programme last year and are currently on placement at some of the best ad agencies in London. They were recently shortlisted to be finalists in CREAM 2012 – the annual competition organised by creative recruitment agency The Talent Business and judged by Creative Directors from some of the World's best advertising agencies.

Philippa writes....

This year we were one of the lucky 20 to be selected for from over 150 worldwide applicants for CREAM 2012. 

The prize? A night of mingling and networking with some of the judges and other creative decision makers from the industry. 

This year’s host agency was Mother and not only are Mother industry leaders but they also know how to put on a good party. Our current hangovers from the mid week office party last night, are proof of this. 

The 20 finalists, a mix of teams and individuals, we’re invited to Mother to have lunch with some of the agency. We even got a chance to chat with one of the founding partners, Mark Waites. Then we had the afternoon to prepare for the event. Mother decided to solve the old age problem of creatives using events like these to catch up with old mates over free drinks. Mother sourced 20 unique and individual bars, which were to be manned by the winners, the idea being that you got a book crit and they got a drink. 

Phil & Artur behind their bar.

A busy, busy night at Mother.

The finalists were each given a theme for their bar and we were tasked with making it look as cool as possible. Everyone put a lot of effort in so they all looked brilliant on the night, we even decapitated a teddy bear for ours! The event itself started at 7pm and the entire bottom floor of Mother was turned into a pub called ‘The Mother’s Arms’, it even came with two busty barmaids in the shape of the Mother receptionists:–

The Mother receptionists become barmaids for the night!
The night was an amazing opportunity! Our portfolio got critiqued by creatives from agencies such as BBH, DKLW LOWE, RKCR Y+R and, of course, Mother. We made several great contacts and even got potential placements, as did all the other teams there. It was great that there was 20 of us that got to share this huge opportunity. CREAM is a great award to have in your book – one that has in the past led to placements and even jobs. Some teams even flew from Sweden and Brazil to be there on the night! 

The night was a resounding success and was definitely the best CREAM to date. It was proof that this industry is one of the best for supporting young talent. We are currently lucky enough to be on placement at the host Mother, which is one of the fore runners in nourishing new talent. A fun night to celebrate a lot of hard work.”

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