Thursday, 26 April 2012

Back in February, University of Lincoln Creative Advertising level 3 team Philippa Beaumont & Artur Faria were invited to be part of the ad agency Iris' Urgent Genius Weekender in London.

This is what Philippa wrote about the event:-

'Iris hosted the event and for 3 days we worked within the agency creating some urgent work that could possibly be genius. There were people from all areas of the creative industry, Hollywood scriptwriters, improv actors and some advertisers too.

'The whole point of the weekend was to create content and get it out there fast, so there were a few late nights and some very quickly learnt After Effect skills put to use. It was a great chance to go a bit creatively crazy and just do something entertaining!

Philippa storyboarding

Things were getting particularly peculiar on set!

'In our final idea the minions from Despicable Me made several appearances (see above), even punching Justin Bieber at one point!

'The weekend ended with a wrap party with beer and pizza and a chance to see some of the entries from the weekend.

'We meet a lot of great creative people, our creativity got a fresh boost and we learnt that sometimes it pays to just get your idea out there!'

Artur in production mode

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The last two reports from level three Creative Advertising students after they spent a very busy week engaging with some of the best advertising agencies in London...

... JWT by Jade Sturman 
'After a long week of visiting various agencies last on the agenda was JWT. Having learnt so much over the week I was surprised how much new and useful information Miles Bingham at JWT provided us.

Outside JWT

Miles set a brief in which we had to advertise Jacobs Creek wine or Tennent’s Beer. The critique was brief and to the point but useful non the less. He explained that we were to expect this sort of criticism when we were in the industry and demonstrated how this kind of feedback is what we should anticipate as young professionals receiving criticism on our portfolios and on future work that we will hopefully be producing one day.

Miles showed us he own student book which subsequently secured him a job within the industry. I found looking at Miles’ book very valuable and reassuring, as it was full of strong strategies and great ideas. This is what students at Lincoln aim for with every piece of work they create.

He also showed us the kind of work that he is producing whilst working for JWT. The work was amazing and left me feeling excited and optimistic about working in the industry. I found the advice Miles gave us valuable and certainly influenced my opinions on the kind of agency I would hope to work for in the future.’

... Isobel by Nicky Perry
‘It was a beautiful morning but most of us spent it completing work for Isobel in the afternoon. The brief that Isobel had set the week before was to come up with an idea or campaign to get the Daily Mirror noticed - one that would rival the new adverts for the Sun on Sunday and the Guardian’s Three Little Pigs campaign.

‘We presented each teams’ work to Rob Fletcher, one of the Creative Directors at the agency, and he gave quick feedback on the work, some suggestions and his opinions. The rest of the time he spent talking to us as a group, and gave us a lot of advice.

‘He loved the idea of breaking the rules, doing the opposite and creating havoc. He suggested: “find virgin snow”, make your book stand out, friction is a good thing, have fun, and be original. Rob loves a good chat, so all you need to do is start up a conversation!’ 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Continuing the reports from level three Creative Advertising students after they spent a week engaging with some of the best advertising agencies in London...

... Inferno by Mel Webb:-
'On Thursday we visited Inferno. Many of us had visited them previously but this time it was in their new location close to Covent Garden. We were greeted by Tim Palmer, Inferno's Digital Creative Director. Tim went to University with our tutor Mike Belton, so a glorious photograph of a rather younger looking Belton welcomed us on the boardroom screen!

'At 9am we were briefed by Tim and Bambos Neophytou, Head of Strategy. When Nando's was announced as our client a few whoops and cheers were heard! With the main thought of the brief being 'Acts of Mischief', this brief allowed us to have some fun, make people laugh and be entertaining with our work.

In some ways this brief provided a different sort of challenge to us. We often work on products or brands which need to be sold, companies which have lost their appeal or need a boost. With Nando's being in a prime position, this meant we just needed to think about the personality not the products.

The day's work is reviewed at Inferno

'At the end of the day the teams presented their work to several people from Inferno followed by individual critiques from them all. Once again we were so grateful for the time they gave to us and the excellent feedback we received.

'To celebrate a successful day we were invited for drinks in their roof bar where we were able to chat to creatives, filling our minds with more advice on how to get those much sought after placements.'

Drinks at the end of the day at Inferno

... Creature by Mike Mackenzie:-
'We were greeted on arrival at the agency by the first creative employees of the one year old company, familiar faces Brooke and Ruud who graduated Lincoln 2 years ago, along with one of the three founding partners Stuart Outhwaite.

'Stu opened with a light introduction to Creature, a small ambitious creative agency who seemingly does everything they have ever wanted to do and make ads on the side! Brooke and Ruud for example were mid-way through the process of launching a restaurant and half way through writing their own opera, as well as pitching for clients such as Adidas. The company also has a play and a musical out this summer.

Creature's Brooke, Ruud and Stu talk to the Lincoln students

'Having talked the entire group of third years into wanting to work for him, Stu went on to talk about his experience of getting a job in advertising, spilling out information faster than any normal person could possibly write it down. Then Brooke and Ruud were given the opportunity to talk about their recent experience of breaking into the industry.

'A week prior to the visit the group had been set the task of gaining 500 followers on a fictional Twitter account. Few were successful, but the task had been set to make a point: it is important to do something different to impress a potential employer as well as what they are expecting to see.

'Finally, Stu’s 3 keys to success:    Initiative     Tenacity      Personality'

Saturday, 21 April 2012

To continue the reports from level 3 Creative Advertising students following their recent week in London as they engaged with some of London's best advertising agencies...

...Elliott Starr tells us about DLKW Lowe:-

'On Wednesday we went to DLKW Lowe. After waiting under the mooses head, past Lincoln graduates Neil and Stefan called us in. They talked us through some of their work, what they had learned on placement and life at DLKW Lowe.

Outside DLKW Lowe

'After seeing some of their work, we moved onto the crit. The brief Neil and Stefan had set us a few days before was to get teenagers to give blood. The ideas varied wide and far. From Matt Parson’s ‘Only scum don’t give blood’ to Greg Harvey’s and Mike Mackenzie’s ‘Thank the person who saved your life.’ Neil and Stefan critiqued the work in a really relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

'After some great feedback, they showed us their solution to the brief. We then had Q&A session and shortly found ourselves back on the streets of London, depressed, having remembered that we didn’t actually work at DLKWLowe.'

Level 3 student Emma Pearson reports back from The Talent Business:-

'I'm ashamed to say I hadn't heard of The Talent Business before our visit. If you had any worries about starting out in London, you needn't look any further. The company specialises in helping us find a job.  You see, they're headhunters.

'With close relationships with agencies, they know what is needed in your portfolio to get a job and they know what the industry are looking for. Who better to help you when searching for placements or a permanent position?

'Every year The Talent Business run an international competition called Cream. By submitting your portfolio into their office, your work is critiqued and seen by people around the world. Not only do the top twenty win a chance to attend an event full of contacts in the industry, but it is also a chance for your work to be noticed. It's a win-win opportunity and well worth a submission.'

Reports from Inferno and Creature tomorrow...

Friday, 20 April 2012

To continue the reports from level 3 Creative Advertising students following their recent week of visiting some of the best advertising agencies in London...

...student Maria Sousa tells us about Mother:-

The group at Mother

'On the Tuesday during London Week, we visited prestigious ad agency Mother. We arrived first thing in the morning, eager and ready to get stuck in and soak up all the Mother-Magic we could. 

'We were greeted by Craig Ainsley and Dan Broadwood, who then briefed us on our task for the day: to advertise tea to teenagers. We then worked on the brief in our teams all day and had them ready to be critiqued in the afternoon. Dan and Craig were extremely helpful and discussed each of our ideas, giving us all advice that would certainly improve our work. 

'All in all, the trip to Mother was an injection of wonderful inspiration and motivation, and a lesson to us all about what it really means to push an idea further.'

And here's student Mel Webb reporting back from AMV BBDO:-

The group outside AMV BBDO

'We entered the very impressive AMV BBDO. We were greeted by Andy and Jim, a senior creative team, who welcomed us into the 'Snug' which we were kindly given to work in all day. They set us a brief, asking us to work on EDF Energy, something they had personally been working on for a year. 

'They asked us to create a big idea for the energy company – something which would make people like them. They advised us to consider who we were talking to within households. How you could get people to switch and to think about creating a warm, comforting tone?

'This was a very challenging brief, however in the crit at the end of the day Jim and Andy said they were impressed with our insights and strategic thinking. This is something we heard frequently during the week ... Go Lincoln! 

Lincoln students take over the 'Snug' at AMV BBDO for the day

'After the crit, Andy and Jim showed us their own work as well as kindly staying into the evening to give us some fantastic advice on how to make it in Adland. A brilliant end to an interesting, challenging and incredibly motivating day.'

Senior creative team Andy & Jim give feedback on the day's work

Listening to advice and criticism

More reports of the level 3 London week tomorrow...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The week before the Easter break, Lincoln's level three Creative Advertising students went to London for a full week to fully engage with the advertising industry. In total ten very different agencies were visited:-

But this wasn't just about visiting the agencies and happily listening to some nice talks. Oh no - this was about doing work, being under pressure, impressing and learning! Some agencies set a brief a couple of days before the visit and critiqued the work at the agency whilst others set a brief in the morning and critiqued it at the end of the day.

Over the next few days, the students will blog about their experiences (with a few photos).

First up, student Jemma Gower tells us about Albion:

'To start off our crazy week visiting agencies we popped into Albion on Monday morning to review the work we produced for Dax Wax, a brief they had set a few days before. Pip, her creative partner Andrew and fellow creative Jack welcomed us into the world of Albion. 

'In turn we presented our work to the creatives and the rest of the group followed by feedback on each and every piece of work. It was great to produce work for an agency, I think it made us all try that little bit harder because we all wanted to impress.

'After the work had been discussed Pip, Andrew and Jack answered all our questions. This was really helpful as they gave some great advice on making it in the industry. Visiting Albion really gave us the feel of the agency; to see whether we could see ourselves there; and it also gave us something to compare to for the rest of the week.' 

And now, student Kelly Bugg about Iris:

'Iris is an international agency and at only 12 years old they are relatively new to the industry. However, they still have some impressive clients: Barclaycard, Sony Ericsson, Volkswagen, etc. The area in which they work is large and open plan with a friendly, calm atmosphere. They offer their employees many opportunities one of which is called a ‘life swap’; this is where you can swap with a creative pair from an Iris in another country for up to three months - so if you fancy trying something different they will make it possible for you.

'They also do fun little things within the agency such as chocolate fountains, nights out, and recently for the clocks being put forward; they allowed their employees to come in one hour later, so they get an extra hour in bed!

'Iris was very friendly and welcoming and you could feel the passion they have for their work as soon as you talked to someone. You also get the sense that they really want to help young creatives get into the industry and they seem very willing to help out and give you their time.'

Outside Iris

More reports and photos to follow over the next few posts...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One for the Easter holidays:

Creative team Neil Ritson & Stefan Van Zoggel graduated from the University of Lincoln Creative Advertising programme in 2010 and now work at DLKW Lowe.

They have just completed creating two lovely ads for Alton Towers featuring two of the theme park's new rides: Nemesis Sub-Terra and Ice Age 4D.

They were shot in a huge studio in Prague and directed by Gerald McMorrow (who was the director of Franklyn). Here they are in wonderful HD for your enjoyment.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Creative team Pete Ioulianou & Ollie Agius graduated from the University of Lincoln's Creative Advertising programme in 2010 and work at Archbald Ingall Stetton in London. Back in November last year they came back to Lincoln and gave the third years some great advice.

Recently, Pete & Ollie produced a campaign to promote teen-band One Direction and the campaign picked up an IAB Campaign Showcase award this month.

Here's Pete to tell you more...

'This project was a beast. Everyday, all-day for 7 weeks. And by the end of it we knew everything there was to know about teenage girls (about 8 years too late!).

'The brief was to turn One Direction from X Factor runners-up into the number one boy band in the world.

'So we created an interactive story-telling platform. A seven-week 24/7 escapade, on and offline, for fans to engage with.

'It started with a character called 1DCyberpunk. A 1D mega-fan who gets her paws on the band’s production laptop containing all the new songs, artwork, videos, etc. To win it back, fans faced 50 challenges in 50 days, sending them running, clicking, snipping and dancing in order to Save The 1Day.'

Click on the above screenshot to view the campaign video

Thanks chaps. The campaign has now been entered into Cannes, so fingers crossed!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Last week Creative Advertising programme leader Gyles Lingwood spoke to local businesses as part of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce's networking lunch at the Holiday Inn Express, Lincoln.

Gyles gave two 20 minute talks to the delegates. The first talk was titled 'Essentials For Effective Idea Generation' in which Gyles explored themes such as unexpected combinations; actively seeking inspiration; the necessity of failure; the working environment; collaborating with 'energisers'; and the importance of sharing ideas.

The second talk was titled 'The Value of Creative People – the relationship between the art and design graduate and business'. Gyles looked at the highly desirable transferrable skills of art and design graduates including communication, collaboration, originality, developing solutions and initiative, accompanied by a very visual and audio presentation.

Gyles in full speaking mode

Gyles was invited to talk at this event following his well received talk at the Lincolnshire Business Convention in October 2011, featuring keynote speaker Tim Smit – co-founder of the Eden Project in Cornwall. Hosted by BBC Lincolnshire's Melvyn Prior, the theme of the event was 'The Power of Ideas' and Gyles was one of four speakers that spoke to the 100+ delegates about invigorating and inspiring local business through innovation.

There'll be questions later to see who was paying attention.

Gyles with Tim Smit and Vee Gururajan of Branston Potatoes

Brandishing his favourite book by James Webb Young,
Gyles discusses the proceedings with the BBC's Melvyn Prior

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