Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Check out last week's Campaign magazine (24th February 2012). On page 15 it's an article all about Lincoln's Creative Advertising 2010 graduate team Stefan van Zoggel and Neil Ritson.

You can also read the article here (if you sign up).

It starts with their internet meme posters and continues with the reasons the lads got into advertising; their best career bits so far; their influences and favourite ads.

It's always nice to see the main industry publication recognising Lincoln's graduates...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Last week saw the Level 2 students undertake Superbrief Day where they worked on a number of briefs throughout the day with only a short break for lunch. There's no time to mess around when you've only got an hour to come up with an idea, followed by an intensive critique.....followed straight away by yet another brief! This goes on all day. It's very demanding.

This is the tough schedule that runs throughout Superbrief day and everyone who participated agreed that they got a lot out of it. When you've sometimes been working on a project for a week or two it's good to blow away the mental cobwebs with an intensive session like this.

It probably wouldn't be a good idea to work like this every day but putting variety into your working practice stops you getting complacent and keeps you fresh. So whilst we won't be doing Superbrief Day every week we will be coming up with plenty of other ways to keep things interesting.

Friday, 17 February 2012

As regular readers of this blog will know, every year the Creative Advertising programme team run live students projects with local businesses to give the third years the valuable experience of working on a real client brief. And nothing beats that feeling of seeing your final ad actually produced and proudly displayed on a billboard or in a magazine! Previous projects have included campaigns for St Marks shopping centre and North Lincolnshire Safer Neighbourhoods.

This year's live project is with DoubleTree by Hilton who have recently opened a very nice new hotel in Lincoln. In November last year, the third years were set a brief to advertise the rather splendid top floor Electric Bar and Restaurant via the strategic positioning of 'sophisticated escapism'.

The third year students worked on the brief with each team developing a creative campaign. Following an initial selection of the best ideas, the shortlisted students prepared and gave presentations in the hotel's business facilities to the client team that was made up of Niki Shepheard - Sales and Marketing Manager; Dan Ralley - Food and Beverage Manager; and Andy Hallam - Bars Manager.

After the very impressive and professional student presentations the client team (with tutors Gyles and Mike) then cogitated and deliberated, eventually decided which campaign they thought was the best and most appropriate.

Niki, Dan and Andy considering all the campaigns

 Which campaign best answers the brief?

A few days later, all the shortlisted students were invited back to the Electric bar at the Lincoln DoubleTree by Hilton hotel to be thanked by the client team and the winning team was announced.

The shortlisted students with the client team in the Electric bar

The wining campaign was created by creative team Maria Sousa and Sam Barber with the client having discussions with Mel Webb and Matt Parsons on potentially producing their campaign later in the year.

Maria and Sam will now work with Gyles, Mike and Niki to produce their campaign with a 'go live' date set for May. Exciting times!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Brooke Cutmore & Ruud Kool graduated from the Creative Advertising programme in 2010 and now work at Creature, London. They've just returned from working at Creature's offices in Seattle. Here's Brooke to tell us more...

'We've been working at Creature, London for nine months now – working like crazy on pitch after pitch. As the agency is relatively new, it has meant a lot of long days and working weekends pitching for new business. The biggest and most exciting project that we're working on is for Adidas. After winning the account in December, it is now in production and you'll get to see the whole agency's handywork in April when the TV spots air. 

'Just before Christmas Ruud and I – with another creative called Tom – were given the opportunity to go work at Creature's American office in Seattle for 6 weeks. With only a week's notice we packed our bags and flew out on the 2nd January.

'It was an amazing experience – seeing not only how the Seattle version on Creature worked, but living and working in the USA was great. Plus they loved our British accents! Going there has definitely change my opinion of the West Coast and America. The best part was the people. There was a group of guys from the office that took care of us and took the time to show us around their city, taking us to the best little bars, caf├ęs and restaurants. 

'We created a blog for the time we were out there, so go and check it out in more detail (if you want). 

'We're now back in London and have just completed another pitch, so fingers crossed we get this one too!"

Well, that's me jealous then. What a great adventure!
A great example of where the Lincoln's Creative Advertising programme can take you.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

An ongoing project created by one of the Creative Advertising's graduates is spreading across on the Web rather rapidly.

Created by Stefan van Zoggel who graduated in 2010, the posters have been featured on sites such as Mashable and Laughing Squid.

Stefan says: 'I took the context of usually short lived internet memes and virals and translated that to simple film poster designs. Based on exactly the same stories and content, but treating them as a full length movie posters for everyone's favourite movie company, YouTube.'

The full collection of 29 posters can be seen here. But here are three of our favourites:

As I'm sure you'll agree: beautiful, intelligent, witty work.
Love your work, Stefan!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Well, would you look at that!

The University of Lincoln's very own Creative Advertising lecturer, Justin Tagg, is featured in this weeks' Young Creative Council's Weekly Score.

Read the YCC Weekly Score post to see what this is all about...!

This very interesting article is all about Justin, his influences, his views and the driving forces in his ongoing film making practice.

Justin's current project 'Mouse' is in the final month of crowd-sourcing its funding.

Read all about it and support him here:

Concept visuals from Mouse

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