Tuesday, 29 November 2011

We're all about sharing on this course. But not sharing for the sake of it, no sir.

Last week the first year went out into Lincoln to buy a book from a charity shop, one that they would absolutely love to read, be it novel, recipe book or comic.

Then, when they returned, they wrapped them and turned into CA's version of Santa Claus by handing out random books to their classmates.

Well, I hear you thinking, what's the point?

We know what we like to read. In fact we know it so well we can sometimes buy the same stuff over and over again. From time to time breaking that pattern and reading something we would normally skip can be a good way into another mindset. Fun too.

'Swapping books, try it! You just might learn something new'.

Monday, 28 November 2011

We do a lot of unusual extra little things on the Creative Advertising course.
And here's one of them.

We found an old display case and have created the Creative Advertising Cabinet of Curiosities (or 'CAbinet...' – do you see what we did there?).

And we're going to display interesting things in it.

A rolling exhibition of oddities, if you will.

To start with, Gyles is exhibiting his collection of 1990s phonecards.

The accompanying text says:-

'Phonecards are, in effect, a form of currency. Here is an intriguing collection of changing designs from the 1990s that were used in the then ubiquitous public telephone box.

Displayed here are cards with commercial sponsorships; phonecards reserved for use in prisons; versions from Japan and France; different promotional techniques designed to encourage the use of the public phonebox and various joint ventures with different charities.'

Odd, certainly, but without a doubt, interesting.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Regular readers of this blog will know that 'Lincoln Ink' has become an annual Creative Advertising student party, epitomising the key themes of the programme: creativity, commitment and marker pens (often permanent).

This year's party organisers took the opportunity of combining the tattoo theme with raising awareness of the programme's splendid Movember efforts, growing fine moustaches to raise funds and awareness for often overlooked men's health issues. You can visit the CA team's Movember page here.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Early in November we had the honour of a visit from Pete and Ollie (Pollie Wanna Create), 2010 graduates. You'll remember these guys landing their first job via twitter! They currently work at Archibald Ingall Streeton (AIS).

They ran a session with Third Years to give them a taste of their first year in adland as well as setting a really exciting challenge. Here's what current Third Year Maria had to say:

"It’s always nice to see how well Lincoln graduates are getting on, and Pete and Ollie’s visit this week was a perfect chance for us to meet a successful team of Lincoln-bred creatives!  They talked us through their work, gave us tips on standing out in interviews, networking, and how to turn a placement into a job. There was even an ‘invention’ exercise that offered 6 placements at AIS for the winners, just to up our game.
It was really helpful to be able to ask them all those questions we had about ‘life as a new creative, looking for a job’, but also to see how enthusiastic and positive they were about the industry and their work. It makes the prospect of being young advertising professionals, a little less scary."

Thanks Maria and, of course, thanks to Pete and Ollie for such an energetic and genuinely useful afternoon!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Great news!

2010 Lincoln Creative Advertising graduate team Jan Pruijser & Rachel Clough have won the Ocean Outdoor Digital Billboard competition with their 'Back to the Hedgerow' augmented reality work for Westfield shopping centre.

Here's Jan to tell you all about it:-

'Since we graduated in 2010 we've had some great placements at Grand Union, Big Ideas Online, Albion and now we're at Grey.'

'A little while ago one of our account handlers for Jordan's Cereals asked if we wanted to have a crack at a competition brief for Ocean Outdoor. They supply advertising space on digital billboards across the UK.

'So a quick background on Jordan’s Cereal: they are all about the wildlife, they even set aside 10% of all their farmland to make homes for them.'

'We approached the brief in a very open-minded manner and tried to create something that would communicate the message whilst focusing on being engaging and rewarding for the user. We could spend ages explaining the idea but it's probably better (and definitely clearer) if you watch the video below...'

'We won first prize! (you can see the other winners here).'

'The prize included £150,000 in media spend on Ocean Outdoor digital billboards. But the best part…£1000 of Apple vouchers! So we went straight down to Regent Street and purchased lovely new shiney iPads. Now for the hard part - getting it all made within budget...!'

Well done, Jan & Rachel. That really is fantastic news and another fine win for Lincoln Creative Advertising graduates. 

Monday, 14 November 2011

Here's a quick (but pretty cool) thing.

Earlier this month, Creative Advertising 2010 graduate Brooke Cutmore (who works with creative partner Ruud Kool at Creature, London) was announced to be one of four winners of the Howies Microadventures competition with the short film 'From London to Lewes' that she made with Luke Clark.

To quote from the Howies website:-

'Microadventures let anyone plunge into a world of cheap Credit Crunch adventures. Adventures that are close to home, which are fun, affordable, easy to organise and designed to get you doing and experiencing things that would normally pass you by.'

We asked you to get out there and do your own Microavdenture and send us your story. For us, these four stories really captured the spirit of Adventure.'

You can check out the other three winning entries on the Howies Brainfood website.
Here's Brooke and Luke's film.

Well done Brooke (and Luke!). Loving the spirit!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Last week the third year Creative Advertising students attended Mandy Wheeler's Creative Detox workshop. The workshop was held in Lincoln's amazing Tokyo nightclub and the students explored team working dynamics, creative thinking methodologies, energising techniques for idea generation and strategies for maximising creative output.

This is what Level 3 student Jade Sturman wrote about the event:

'After experiencing Mandy’s Creative Detox workshop I feel much more optimistic as a creative and more confident about the way in that I will be working in the future. Mandy highlighted many things about the way a creative person's mind works and how they can often create rules and barriers that can hinder their creative thinking.'

'Mandy helped us all to understand that these self-inflicted rules are unnecessary and counter-productive. Using a range of fun and innovative exercises she taught us how to relax when generating ideas and proved that by having an inquisitive and positive attitude how much more productive idea generation can be.'

'One of the main things I personally took from the experience was that when coming up with ideas not to be overly self critical; that it’s OK to get it wrong or even look a bit silly in the process. It was also reassuring to discover that my peers (and most creatives for that matter!) also carry the same or similar insecurities as me.'

'Overall the Creative Detox workshop has left me feeling much more confident and less tense when generating ideas. It has helped me understand a little bit more what's necessary to be an effective creative practitioner.'

The event was held in the amazing Tokyo nightclub

The intriguing flock wallpaper added the final touches to a special environment 

This workshop has become a regular feature on the Lincoln Creative Advertising course and it's always a pleasure and a privilege to welcome Mandy to teach on the programme.

Thank you VERY much Mandy for such a wonderful workshop and we look forward to seeing you back in Lincoln soon.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Everyone knows that students love to have a party.
And its pretty common knowledge that Creative Advertising students love the brilliant TV series Mad Men.

So, it's obvious, isn't it?

Here are some photos from last week's Creative Advertising students' Mad Men party.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Last week the Creative Advertising third years had one-day workshops with legendary advertising educator, Dave Morris.

This is what third year student Greg Harvey said about the day:-

'Dave Morris returned to the course to deliver another handful of wisdom and brilliance. We started the morning with prepared presentations, eagerly looking forward to Dave's feedback on the work we'd all done, with everyone of us keen to impress. But as always, success is never easy, but the lessons learnt from failure are far more valuable.'

'The day continued to look into a wide range of different topics and subjects, injecting a fresh burst of life into the subject we thought we were just beginning to understand. Lessons were learnt, laughs were had and above all else, another brilliant workshop from Dave Morris. We were truly graced with his presence, hoping that the next time we see him we can blow him away with our work, just as much as he blows us away with his words.'

It's always a great pleasure to welcome Dave to Lincoln and benefit from his professionalism, expertise and energy. Thanks Dave.

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