Friday, 18 March 2011

Creative Speed Dating


Getting into creative teams is hard work. A big decision.

Over the next 6 months our 2nd Years have just that decision to make.

But the problem is not so much 'Who is the right person for me', it is more 'What do I actually want'?

The trick is to avoid letting the problem (getting into a team) define the solution.

So, each year, we run a wonderful event called 'Creative Speed Dating' where our 2nd Years do a little bit of soul searching, working out what they really want from a their budding relationship before it gets started and, hopefully, avoid an early divorce.

Armed with a few neat questions and a slightly clearer view on their 'perfect partner' the dates begin!

In Creative Speed Dating 40 people each have 2 minutes with one another to 'test their compatibility'.

Do they share ambitions? Could they spend all day every day working together? Can they be totally honest with each other?

The idea is not to commit there and then but to get their heads clearer and ask better questions.

Let's call it creative flirting.

And whilst we are still awaiting the first CA wedding, this type of event definitely helps to make better quality teams.


  1. I like the idea, but I think this needs to run more frequently than annually. Getting to know work compatibility within 2 minutes is a year is a tricky business. That being said we often make our first impressions (which rarely shift from what we originally think) in less than 10 seconds.

  2. Hello Speed Dating and thanks for your comment,

    You are absolutely right, two minutes is far too short a time to get to know somebody.

    This session is aimed at the mechanics of the decision itself but alongside this students are working with different partners every week on advertising briefs as well as being involved in Super Brief days (same principle as the weekly briefs but four briefs in one day).

    This combination of sharpening their understanding of the choice they are making alongside testing each other regularly as partners gives them a really good opportunity to work out what they need in a partner and who they feel they produce their best work with.

    Thanks again for the comment!



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