Friday, 29 October 2010

It's really busy in the Creative Advertising studio at the moment and here are a few photos of what's going on.

Justin is with the second years reviewing documentaries that they've made exploring human stories and empathy; Mike's with the second years critiquing some Hubba Bubba Tape press ads that explore product/target audience relationships and communicating benefits; and the third years are working on big ideas to solve the problem of people not reusing plastic bags when they go shopping.

And, as usual, all this is happening at the same time. It's a very busy department and there's a really exciting, vibrant atmosphere. It's excellent.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Although this post is a little late, here are some photos of our students and recent graduates at the 2009-10 YCN Student Awards ceremony held at Shoreditch Town Hall on 28th September.

As you'll know from earlier posts, a total of twenty second and third year students from the Creative Advertising course were successful in the awards. It was our most successful YCN year to date. See the full list of our students and work here and the overall competition results here.

You can also see even more photos from the evening here.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

As John Nash may or may not have said in real life (but definitely did in the film 'A Beautiful Mind') "Good morning, eager young minds!".

Well, it wasn't morning, but the minds of the new first year were very eager to impress with t-shirts they had been asked to design before the first lesson. The brief was simple: 'produce a t-shirt which says something about you, where you are from, your influences etc. and communicate one of these things clearly.

From 'Communist Clingons' (oh, yes) to a 'ray of sunshine' each t-shirt gave us another clue about the passions and background of each student.

Congratulations to Becky Chapman and Liam Nicholson whose designs were voted as the winners.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More great alumni news from the University of Lincoln Creative Advertising course!

Creative team Tom Smith and Darren Urquhart who graduated from the course in 2008 and now work at Ogilvy, London have just completed the new Ford TV ad:-

According to the team the idea of the 'ampersand ad' was to show that customers get more as standard with Ford, such as alloy wheels & air conditioning & quick-clear windscreens & Easy Fuel technology &, &, &...

The TV shoot took place over two days all across London, including an overnight session with a time-lapse vehicle also filming separately. The ferris wheel was created in post-production and tracked-in to the real footage afterwards. Two versions of the ad have been created, one for the Fiesta and one for the Kuga, featuring the music 'Rockist Part 1' by School of Language.

In addition to the TV ad that's showing on a TV near you at the moment the pair also created a special-build billboard to further enhance the campaign:-

An effective, simple idea that has been very well executed. Nice one, chaps! You're doing us proud.

Tom and Darren have were also featured in Campaign magazine's Graduate Special last week highlighting another visually impressive ad they've recently completed for Ford. They also appeared on the blog last year with their 'Ford kinetic design' billboards.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Check out page 13 of this week's Campaign magazine featuring past graduates Darren & Tom, showing their "See Hidden Things' ad for Ford Mobility vehicles and their free parking sensors.

It's great to see the industry using University of Lincoln Creative Advertising students as case studies. Click on the ad below to see it in greater detail.

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