Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Pete Ioulianiou and Ollie Agius who graduated from the University of Lincoln BA (Hons) Creative Advertising programme in June have recently taken a full time job with highly respected ad agency Archibald Ingall Stretton.

The boys posing for the paparazzi

This is quite an achievement when you consider that they only graduated from the course so recently. But it's not just the speed with which Pete and Ollie got hired that is noteworthy, the manner in which they landed the job was also unusual. In fact, the way the boys got the job was so different that even the industry newspaper Campaign ran an article about their hiring in last week's issue (3rd December).

Here's how they came to be hired in their own words:-

"The way we were offered the job was different to say the least. Whilst at University, we regularly procrastinated on Facebook and Twitter. We came across a competition AIS were running through Twitter: their 1000th follower would receive an hour with Steve Stretton and Matt Morley-Brown for a portfolio review. We carefully timed when to hit the 'follow' button on Twitter and were lucky enough to win! That was the first time we met Steve & Matt.

Following our placement at digital agency Dare we met with again with Matt and he offered us a two week placement. As soon as we started we were thrown in at the deep end and amongst other things worked on a major pitch for new business. Some of our work was chosen by the client and the work that we have done since then for O2 has been entered into industry competitions by the agency. That was enough to secure us an extension on the placement.

We were working on the best briefs in the agency through mostly luck and a bit of cunning. Our work was always chosen to go to client on these bigger briefs. This secured us another extension.

By now we were really enjoying our time at Archibald Ingall Stretton. Everyone made us feel part of the agency. We were playing for the work 5-a-side team and going out with everybody after work on Fridays. AIS is an incredibly friendly place with a 'work hard, play hard' attitude. It’s all about the work but when it’s time to party, we all go out.

Almost a year after our successful Twitter competition win, AIS offered us a job via Twitter.

A nice thing Steve Stretton mentioned to us was that he felt he had to offer us the job otherwise there would have been a 'war' at the agency. Apparently people from every single department were asking him to hire us which made us feel great."

The Campaign article on Pete and Ollie's recent hiring

Many congratulations to Pete and Ollie from the staff and students on the Creative Advertising course: it's no less than they deserve after all of their hard work and dedication. That's two more Lincoln Creative Advertising graduates employed in the industry's best agencies to add to the ever-growing list.

Monday, 13 December 2010

You don't need to be good at drawing to come up with good ideas, however being able to visualise your concepts effectively is an important skill. That's why the Level 2 students recently underwent a crash course in drawing during a mentoring session last week.

Pictures from the drawing sessions:-

During the workshop that was run by Mike the students explored various methods to re-evaluate and improve their drawing, such as not looking at what they were drawing and drawing with their whole arm rather than their hand. The strangest method, however, involved the students feeling their subject rather than looking at it.

Greg gets to know Artur a little better

Emma can now recognise Oona in the dark

The results may look, er, unconventional but the principles of what was learned will help the students approach drawing in a different manner in future.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Two weeks ago the second years visited the following top London agencies with Mike and Gyles: AMV BBDO; Isobel; Inferno and RAPP - a very wide ranging selection of different ad agencies who had kindly agreed to speak to us.

In the morning Mike took half the second years to visit Isobel where Account Manager Juhi Mehta had organised a superb session. People from all departments of the agency talked to the students about their roles within the agency and how Isobel approaches advertising. Agency founders, Paul Houlding and Creative Director Rob Fletcher gave great talks on the business and how to get a job in advertising. It was very kind of the agency to devote so much of their time and energy to the visit and the students even received a free goody bag! What more could you want?

The staff at Isobel go OldSkool

Whilst that was taking place, Gyles visited AMV BBDO with the other half of the second year group. Creative Director Mark Fairbanks showed work completed for the Metropolitan Police and Walkers Crisps and spoke about the 'extending' nature of advertising: how the digital revolution is transforming the way agencies work, the work they produce for their clients and ways that the industry is evolving to take advantage of the emerging opportunities. Amy Daniels then showed the group the Creative Department and the new ground floor 'snug' that has just been completed.

Gyles making his group freeze for a little longer before going into AMV BBDO

In the afternoon Mike and the AMV group went and visited Inferno who just happened to be having a 'Mad Men' day where everyone in the agency turned up to work in classic 60's Madison Avenue attire.

Inferno greet us all in style.

Despite having just finished a long meeting, Digital Creative Director Tim Palmer gave a great talk on the role of 'digital' in advertising, now and in the future, showing some great examples of digital at it's best. This gave the students a great insight into the huge potential of this medium. Lincoln University Creative Advertising graduates Ruud Kool and Brooke Cutmore, who are currently on work placement at Inferno, were also on hand to answer any questions.

This was a very productive visit and Inferno was a great contrast to the morning session at AMV.

Meanwhile, in west London, Gyles and the Isobel group visited full service ad agency RAPP in Hammersmith. Executive Creative Director Barney Cockerell showed us the work they have recently completed for Cancer Research UK, Unicef, NSPCC, Bacardi, Crisis and Skype. After that Barney had organised a full afternoon of speakers from a wide range of departments in RAPP including Media, Data, Account Management, Planning, User Experience, Operations and Creative. It really was an incredibly informative (and sometimes complicated and scary!) insight into who does what in the agency and the range of relationships between different departments.

Here are some shots of the RAPP offices:-

As you can see from all of this, the second years experienced the full range of London ad agencies and learned a great deal from the senior people in some of the top companies enabling them to understand what it takes to land a job in this wide ranging and exciting industry.

Thank you to everyone who made these great visits possible.

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