The End...

Everybody loves a final year show, a good one, at least... and this year's University of Lincoln Creative Advertising Final Show was absolutely brilliant.

Fifty-five 3rd years, in teams or as individuals, displayed their best work to their friends and family.

Starting with a show of self promotional films at the Odeon and finishing with the Private View the night whizzed by and ran very smoothly thanks in no small part to the students who had put so much time into preparing the show as well as those 2nd years that took charge of the free bar... I wonder why!

The theme for the show was '33 Paths to Advertising Nirvana':-

Each of the teams/singles had to create a personal theme which described their 'inner path' to creative enlightenment. This rather tongue in cheek theme flowed throughout the show as each team's work was interspersed with our own 'New Age' doctrine to become a successful Advertising Creative.

And if you liked that, you would have loved what greeted friends and families to the Odeon show which kicked everything off...

At 7pm the Private View opened, speeches were made and the students parents had the opportunity to see the tremendous amount of work that had gone into the show. It was not hard to feel very proud of each and every one of the students who had worked tirelessly to complete their campaigns and the work on show was a credit to them. There were a mountain of lovely, witty, persuasive ideas to admire and some were just very, very smart.

The advertising industry is about to be invaded by some extremely talented people.

And, of course, alongside the exhibited studio work was the Odeon showreel that had begun the evening.

The students worked very hard during the last couple of months, adding another string to their bow, by producing a short, self promotional film, something which told a focused story, holding a single, simple message at it's heart. The screening itself went very well indeed and below is a small selection of the work shown.

Ruud and Brooke

Rachel and Jan

Natalie Lennartsson

Steve and Josh (Dando and Dodd)

When all was done, when students had ravaged the free bar and skipped off to the after party, it was time to open the show to the public!

Between Saturday 5th June and Thursday 17th June members of the public, along with family members who had not made it to the Private View, came along for a peep at the exhibited work.

Like all good things, however, the show did eventually have to come down and what took days to put together was dismantled in a matter of hours on Friday 18th June 2010.

Sawdust settled, brooms were laid to rest and a small, informal circle gathered in the centre of the, now empty, studio. Thanks were made, along with congratulations and good byes, prizes awarded and then, far too quickly, they were gone.

Tears were, of course, shed, tutors began to grieve but, on closer inspection of the barren studio space, once inhabited by 55 bright young minds, it was found that two unemployed advertising creatives remained...

... and had set up office...

Until next year, good bye, not to former students... but to advertising colleagues...